Experience at every step in the real estate development lifecycle.


Long And Cox Properties, Inc. offers a broad set of services, ranging from Site Development and Feasibility Studies to Acquisition and Asset Management.


Site Selection

Nothing is more important to the initial success of a hotel or to the maintenance of its value than the site and its market area. Having analyzed over 60 markets and selected sites for over 30 successful hotels, Long And Cox Properties has the skills and experience to help make this critical decision a seamless part of the development process.

Site Development

The hardest part of the construction process to regulate and analyze is site development. Long And Cox Properties focuses on this part of the overall construction of a hotel to minimize potential cost and exposure as well as eliminate unexpected delays in obtaining all municipal approvals.

Debt & Equity Financing

Long And Cox Properties has raised the equity and assisted in securing the debt for numerous hotel projects. The financial markets within the hotel industry can change on a weekly basis. Staying abreast of who is financing hotel projects takes someone who has expertise within the industry.

Project Management & Owner Representation

With more than 50 years of combined experience in development and construction management, Long And Cox Properties acts as a facilitator and monitor for projects to stay within budget and on schedule.

Feasibility & Market Studies

Having conducted over 50 feasibility and market studies, Long And Cox Properties has the necessary perspective to properly analyze market competitors, demand generators, demographic trends and sites.

Due Diligence Assessments

Development sites must be studied from a title, environmental, soils, permitting and impact perspective, any one of which can delay or completely halt a project. Using a systematic, proven approach, Long And Cox Properties tackles these issues to identify and eliminate costly deals early in the process.

Value Engineering

The best time to save money or mitigate cost is before construction begins. By examining alternatives during the competitive bid or negotiated contract phase, Long And Cox Properties can introduce substantial savings.

Renovations & Maintenance

When a Workout or Turn Around is required for a hotel, maintenance has been deferred or a renovation has been delayed. When Long And Cox Properties first visits a hotel, Jerry Cox does a complete site review and establishes a renovation critical path within the budgetary constraints.

Legal Restructuring

Jeff Long is a licensed attorney in both Massachusetts and Georgia. He has been involved in all facets of assembling and disassembling hotel deals and is a great person to have on your side during a Workout or Turn Around.